Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blog Closed | See you over at PUSH Blog

Well this blog has now been retired and Jimi Bostock is now found over at PUSH Blog.

This is the blog for my new digital Agency, PUSH Agency which is due to launch somewhere between June and September 2010.

Here is some stuff for GOOGLE and the other search engines to read (or any human that is interested).

PUSH uses social networking, online word of mouth, organic and paid search, inbound marketing, semantic advertising and online video to help our clients get noticed, deliver messages, engage and build social capital. PUSH is based in Brisbane, Sydney, and Canberra, Australia

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Jimi Bostock is one of Australia's most experienced new media and web creators. Jimi has been responsible for hundred of multimedia, web, online advertising, online video, and e-learning projects since 1991 and has won numerous national and international awards

Jimi was Project Director for pioneer multimedia agency, Brigalow Digital Publishing before starting his own web development agency, SafetyWeb Internet Solutions in 1995. After selling 108 digital to OPC IT, Jimi formed a new digital agency, 108 Digital in 2004. 108 Digital became one of Australia's most prolific developers with a large portfolio of small business, corporate, and government clients.

Jimi sold 108 Digital to the Coordinate Group in September 2004 and has been planning PUSH Agency since then. To that end, he has been working with a guinea pig client to ensure that the tools, paradigms, and thinking are correct.

Jimi can be contacted on